?What is The Specman Testbench

In electronic design automation, functional verification is necessary in order to
Verify that the logic design conforms to the specification. Verification essentially
Seeks an answer to the question, ‘does this design perform as was intended?’.
It is this task that takes the most time and effort in large electronic system design
Projects. It is essential that every functional design is thoroughly verified before
It enters the production process to ensure that it is free from bugs or errors, which
Can be extremely expensive to rectify. The Specman testbench is a comprehensive Environment that accelerates and simplifies all aspects of verification. 

Answering the Problems of Verification

Today’s silicon industries require speed and efficiency of verification; however
Some verification teams often struggle to keep up with demand and therefore cut
Corners and allow functional bugs to slip through the cracks. This is where Specman Comes in. Specman speeds up every aspect of the verification process, from the
Automatic generation of functional tests to data assertions and checking. When
It’s in the hands of a good and trustworthy team, it allows them to deliver
High-quality results in a great time.

Verification teams can further extend their processes with Specman Testbench. It Facilitates a high-throughput channel between the testbench and the device under test. The Reason that the Specman Testbench is so valuable is that, unlike individually engineered Test benches in C, VHDL, or Verilog, does not have to be rewritten project-to-project. Specman allows for reusability that is only really rivalled with UVM. There is a learning Curve when picking up, the language that it requires, but doing so offers some powerful Advantages.

The Benefits of Specman Testbench 

It speeds up the debugging process by using automatic data and assertion checking
Specman allows for functional coverage analysis, which can increase predictability
As it’s based in e, it allows for all the AOP capabilities that naturally come with e.
Testbench has an IntelliGen constraint, which can automate test generation at a runtime That can be up to 500% faster than other testbenches, giving a testing scalability that is Difficult to rival.
Although it’s mainly associated with the e language, it also supports all IEEE standard Languages – that means if an engineer is used to SystemVerilog, they can use UVM in Specman!
If there are existing verification IPs, supports IP reuse, meaning that any prior investment Doesn’t have to be scrapped and sacrificed to enjoy the many benefits that come with Specman.

Simulation Support

Another great feature of Specman is that products integrate with leading HDL simulators, So engineers will likely be able to use it in their main simulations. Specman works Especially well with all Incisive simulators, performing excellently with them as well as Having a direct kernel interface. Users will be able to sample as well as drive the internal Signals straight from the DUT. (not as website development or design)

Specman Testbench is a comprehensive and innovative testbench that allows for excellent Process automation and facilitates simple and speedy chip and circuit verification.